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Video Production

C9 Productions

For thirty years, C9 has provided quality services to help clients market their products and services to their customers. They put their expertise to work with Product videos or Motion graphic simulations of your products, equipment and services. They produce Safety videos, Human Resources videos, Sales presentations and Corporate image videos and presentations. From CEO video messages to demonstrating the key components of a product or graphically simulating how a product works, C9 has the production tools and experience to showcase your business, products and services. The goal is to bring your company, products, equipment and services to life through videos and graphics.rolex pas cher



C9 believes that multimedia is the key to expanding your business and will design your videos for use as a stand alone video, part of a sales presentation or to be shown directly from your website. Research shows, the more opportunities a prospective buyer has to see what your products and services do, the more likely they are to do business with your company.  A 10% discount is availalble to COMA members. 

To participate, the manufacturing facility must be located in Oklahoma, have a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code between 2000 and 3999 and/or a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code between 311111 and 339999, and be a member of the Central Oklahoma Manufacturers Association.  Dues are $100 per company per fiscal year (Jul-Jun).

For more information on C9 Productions, contact Sandy Neuzil at 918-948-1567.  To see samples of C9 work please visit their website at: